Fetty Wap Threatens To Shoot His Baby Mama

Fetty Wap got into a heated argument with the mother of his children, Lezhae Zeona, newly released cell phone footage shows.

“I’ma f**k you up,” Fetty can be heard telling his baby mama. He later can he heard calling her a “bum.”

Lezhae replied, “I wasn’t a bum when you was eating my p***y.”

Lezhae opened up on the altercation in an IG post that has since been deleted:

“And let’s not forget to mention that my daughter was RIGHT there Wap did that s**t in front of my grandmother and my daughter smh I recorded it so y’all could really see what type of n***a he is! That n***a ain’t s**t never will be s**t point blank he ain’t bout none of that s**t he talk about! He’s a whole b***h how Tf you pull up on your bm with death threats and you got grown a-- men in the hood frfr that’s really coming for you and your don’t say sh*t to them?! You lil disrespectful a-- dirty a-- fake a-- b**h a-- cornball a-- wanna be a-- lying a-- f**k a-- n***a!!

“Point blank let n****s make that they’re first and last time calling themselves doing a pop up cause they really don’t want these type of problems! and you could never call me a b***h, im a female, 5’4 127 pounds I came outside by myself (my grandmother and daughter don’t count cause neither one of them could do anything) when there was not one but two grown a-- men callin me out my heart ain’t NEVER pump no koolaide n*gga you bleed like so wassup!”

Fetty was unbothered the altercation and took to the net to post a vid of himself laughing uncontrollably.

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