G Herbo and Poprock Go Crazy In ‘Just So You Know’ Music Video

G Herbo notched another fiery record under his belt. Herb linked with South Florida rapper Poprock for song “Just So You Know.”

Poprock opens this record, rapping, “All of my n****s on go/And we ain’t sparing the soap/Just so you know/So many hundreds, can’t fold/That’s what you call a bankroll.”

Herb follow Poprock, rapping, “No n***a ever gon take what I own, they gon have to come with the chalk/F**k round get nailed to the cross, sorry for somebody loss.”

This record is remix of Marty Mula’s “Disrespectful Flow.”

Check out G Herbo and Poprock’s “LVTRToinne-directed music video above.

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