Chief Keef Reveals True Meaning Of ‘Drill Music’

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Chief Keef comes alive when he’s around gang, but an introverted person when in public spaces. That’s why it’s always a special event when Sosa does an interview.

The Glo Gang boss made his way to the GGN News Show to politick with Uncle Snoop.

Snoop began the interview asking Sosa the meaning of “Drill Music.”

Sosa responded, “What we used to call Drill Music is when you into it, and it’s rowdiness going on.”

Snoop wanted clarification, asking, “Does it have anything to do with like a band from high school and instruments and things like that?”

Sosa then replied, “We call action drill.”

It was this response from Sosa that made the meaning of Drill clear to Snoop.

“This is the drill you with that thang, man,” Sosa said. “The driller in manilla.”

Snoop continued, “It was a Chicago thing. That’s what it was. Certain things ain’t meant for everybody. It just went international. The world caught onto it, and now y’all wanna know what it mean, but if you from Chicago you already know what it mean.”

G Herbo was asked the meaning of drill music during a November 2016 interview with DJ Self.

“The term drill means to shoot somebody, to kill somebody,” he said. “If you go on a drill, you going to shoot a gun. That’s what the term ‘drill’ came from. So drill music is violent music, music to go kill somebody to, basically. That was no wave I ever wanted to fall under or through. I was just rapping about my lifestyle, what I was going through. I witnessed death. I’m a product of gun violence. But I don’t promote it. It’s not cool to be a product of that and to be a part of that. I just am what I am. As far as the drill wave, it promote a lot of negativity. But I don’t even think it was intentionally, it was people talking about their life and what they going through, but they weren’t articulating it the right way. If it was put out the right way it would be understood.”

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