G Herbo Says He Cried Real Tears Making “Rain”

G Herbo is great at tapping into listeners emotions in his music because he makes music we all can relate to. G Herbo reveals in an IG post that he cried when making his song “Rain.” In an IG post, G Herbo writes, “THIS WAS MY FAVORITE SONG EVER WHEN I MADE IT!! I CRIED TEARS MAKING THIS RECORD WHICH I PROBABLY ONLY DID WITH ONE OTHER SONG I MADE I THINK.. I WISH I COULDVE GAVE IT THE FULL LIFE & ATTENTION IT DESERVED I DEDICATED THIS TO MY GRANDMA WHEN SHE PASSED AWAY IN 2016.. I JUST LISTENED TO IT AGAIN NOW IM JUST THINKINGG.”

#gherbo speaks on making “Rain.” Is this one of #gherbo’s best songs?🤔

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Listen to G Herbo’s “Rain” Below:

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