GMEBE’s Pistol Tells His Story In ‘Life of a Demon’ Music Video

GMEBE is going to be a problem in 2015. Each member of GMEBE brings something different to the table. Pistol is one of the group’s frontrunners whose style will soon catapult him to stardom. Pistol showcases a mature and calm demeanor as he rhymes and carries himself as if he’s twice his own age. You can see in his eyes and mannerisms that he’s been through a lot and seen as much as well. His storytelling confirms this.

Pistol’s latest record is titled “Life of a Demon.” Pistol’s story in this new joint can be viewed as a confessional. Pistol is God-fearing yet acknowledges he lives a life of sin. He doesn’t deny the dirt he’s done in the streets. He’s just being brutally honest. The City has tried to hide people like Pistol for decades. The world may not be able to handle his truth but listeners are going to have to listen to what he has to say whether they like or not. It was the environment he was born in that bred him that way.

Pistol raps, “Fifteen plus years in the sea, I seen so much sh-t in these streets/Ain’t no control over East/We go to war with police/I lost n-ggas due to this beef/So it ain’t no calling peace/Fire can’t never be deceased/These n-ggas that work will cease fire with me.”

Pistol is pessimistic about his future. He loves his daughter but doesn’t know if he’s going to be able to see her grow up.

Pistol talks following his own rules growing up, rapping, “I never paid attention to the teacher. I went to church, but never listened to the preacher/Love G-d, but I’m a motherf-cking demon and the dirt that I did, I had a motherf-cking reason.”

Pistol sheds light on the street life he’s lived growing up over East.

He raps, “Came up hitting cribs/By any means I had to get it/I was doing anything for that money/That’s a life a n-gga living/I lost a lot of n-ggas from the sea/And the whole hood miss me.”

Pistol walks around with a cold heart because people close to his heart were taken from him.

“I lost a lot of family to this sh-t/I lost a sister, lost a brother and a cousin,” he raps.

This is a snippet of Pistol’s tale as a kid from Roe Block and I’m sure he hasn’t even gotten through a chapter of it.

Check out Pistol’s Seuss Leroy-directed “Life of a Demon” music video below.

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