Hater Tries To G Check NBA Youngboy

Another day, another hater for NBA Youngboy. Youngboy was minding his business when a hater tried to G check him. Youngboy retaliated with a smile.

In August, Youngboy found himself in a similar incident with several young men. Luckily, things didn’t turn physical.

#nbayoungboy gets into argument in LA 😮

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That same month, NBA Youngboy ran into some issues with Hispanic goons while filming a music video in Watts, CA.

“You in Watts, boy,” the driver said, while his head was stuck out the window. “You good right here, my boy. You ain’t gotta worry about nothing right here.”

Haters interrupt #nbayoungboy’s music video shoot in #watts 😮

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The goons quickly drove away after the cocking of guns were heard.

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