Heavy D’s “Black Coffee”

Black coffee, the African queen
Part of the Afro-American dream
Enough respect
I’m diggin’ intellect
Appreciate the fact that you never miss a step
The backbone of the black bone here’s to ya
As long as I’m around believe me none could ever do ya
You warm, considerate, and far from a softie
And that’s why I love ya, you’re my black coffee

These are lyrics from the late great Heavy D’s “Black Coffee.” These lyrics uplifted the black woman. Hip hop has changed dramatically in the last decade where music has become increasingly laced with misogynistic lyrics. Why and how did this happen? R.I.P. to Heavy D, a HIP HOP Great. Kollege Kidds sound off on this topic.

Listen to Heavy D’s “Black Coffee” in Collegiate NetVision (CNV) here.

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