Spike Lee: ‘This Generation Doesn’t Go To Church Anymore’

spike lee red hook summer

Spike Lee sat down with Rolling Out to discuss the role of the Church in his new film Red Hook Summer.

Lee’s film includes powerful scenes that take place in the Church. The scenes were so powerful that his actors caught the “Holy Ghost” during filming.

The church scenes, Lee said, took on a life of their own.

“People were really getting the spirit in the church and forgot the cameras in there,” Lee said. “We had real gospel choirs with people from Spelman and Morehouse colleges singing. People were catching the Holy Ghost, and we caught it all on camera.”

Lee wanted to make a point about the Church’s fading role in today’s society in his new film.

“On some level, because of so much history, so many great people and event have come out of the black church,” Lee told Rolling Out. “We make the point in the film that this generation doesn’t go to church anymore, or as much as the generation before them. That relationship isn’t there in the same way and that’s not just in the black church. That’s the way it is for churches across the board, no matter the color or religion, but African Americans is could have a deeper meaning because of the history.”

Head over to Rolling Out to read the rest of Spike Lee’s interview by clicking here.

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