In Good Taste? Subway Makes a Robert Griffin III Chicken Statue

Robert Griffin III must feel really special right now. Many icons have statues erected in their honor. RG3, a top draft prospect in the upcoming NFL draft, already has statue to call his own. And it looks good enough to eat.

Subway concocted a chicken statue in honor of the Baylor University quarterback who torched defensives secondaries with his amazing canon of an arm. The statue, made from more than 300 pieces of chicken, represents the restaurant chain’s newest sandwich “Smokehouse BBQ Chicken.”

Griffin is Subway’s newest endorser and told ESPN he “laughed” when saw the life-size chicken statue.

“That doesn’t hace six grams of fat,” he joked. “That’s a whole lot of fat in that.”

Sandwich artist James Victor created the statue. It is a mix of bread and chicken, with some tomatoes, lettuce and onions in the shoulder pads. The braids were made of peppers.

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