Incarcerated Chicago rapper Ben Money drops new single “Intro”

Chicago rapper Ben Money’s prison stint hasn’t stopped him from dropping new music. Ben Money has been serving his time in Indiana for the past 12 years. Somehow, he’s been able to drop quality sounding music from behind bars. His latest project “MoneyBenMike” features 10 brand new tracks including his very honest single “Intro.” Ben Money reveals that “MoneyBenMike” represents his three personalities. Money is the hustler. Ben is the lost soul. White Mike is the Killa but also the cry baby.

In “Intro,” Ben Money appears to not be trusted. He raps, “I’m smoking n*ggas I smoke with/I’m hunting my best friends, I’m bussing at old homies.”

As we delve deeper into the song, we see why Ben Money trusts no one. His own family members testified against him. Also, he hasn’t had much visits or support during the 12 years he’s been incarcerated. He’s only seen his son twice in 12 years. This record gets pretty deep.

Check out Ben Money’s “Intro” record below:

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