Is African American Slavery Day Needed?

Alyce Lyle of Springfield, IL wrote an interesting op-ed for the State Journal- Register. She proposed the question, “Is African American Slavery Day Needed.”

We need a National African-American Slavery Day. We salute one flag, we pause to celebrate several U.S. presidents, we send men to the moon and promote democracy. The latter combined endeavors appears to be a national overview of the United States of America but it is a false picture.

Let’s turn the page and see the real picture. African-American citizens were brought to America with beaten backs and in chains as slaves to white slave owners. Every act of terrorism that the human minds could imagine were done to the African-American slaves under the laws and government of the land.
Years later, these beaten and branded people won their freedom under the same law that kept them in chains. Moreover, they were never given an apology or reformation for the brutal treatment they received, but they were granted the month of February to reflect upon their victories.

I’m aware that there are other races that can relate to human trafficking but none to the degree African-Americans suffered. Some of the ferocious slavery treatment included black women nursing white babies, beatings, rapes, hangings with cheering crowds, branding with hot irons and denial of the right to read. To be clear, I believe the country owes the African-American citizens an annual African-American Slavery Day.

Guys and gals, do you think a slavery day is necessary? Discuss below.

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