Jeweler Ben Baller Says 22 Savage’s Diamond Chain Is Real

Since 21 say my chains fake ??.

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21 Savage sparked accusations of 22 Savage’s jewelry being fake.

21 wrote, “How you big 22 and yo chain lil. What are thoseeee?? Black diamonds? Lil broke ugly pencil head b***h.”

22 took offense to 21’s comment and took to IG to show off his jewelry.

“B***h, you sound stupid,” he said. “Ol stupid a-- n***a.”

21’s comments come after 22 claimed he caught him lacking in New Orleans.

Ben Baller entered the mix to confirm whether or not 21’s jewelry was real.

Ben commented, “Why would pouring water on your pieces prove anything? But the chains look real, well at least the diamonds look real. Obviously I would know.”

#22savage says he caught #21savage lacking in #NewOrleans ? (part 1) #young22

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“I was in standstill traffic. I got the 2-2-3 in the f*****g car,” 22 said. “N****s at my window, ‘What up 22, what up 22.’ Like fans or whatever. And out the corner of my eye, I say that look like 21. Matter face it is 21. So I grab the 2-2-3. I’m in the car. I open the door. These same n****s that was hollering, ‘What up 22.’ They go over there. They tell you I’m right here. What you did? You ran to your sprinter van.”

22 said his guys stopped him from shooting 21’s vehicle up.

22 added, “You ain’t have no chains on either. You walking with no chains.”

#22savage says he caught #21savage lacking in #NewOrleans ? (part 2) #young22

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22 Savage aka Young 22 is prepping a diss record aimed at 21 Savage. Young 22 decided to take aim at 21 for calling his diamond chain fake.

#22savage teases #21savage diss ?? #young22

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