Karen Calls Black Woman The ‘N Word,’ and Dials 911: ‘I Was Just Attacked By An African Black Person’

A Karen was recently accused of calling a Black woman in the South Bay beach community the “N-Word.” The Hispanic woman was filmed dialing 911 to report the black woman.

“This person accosted me, I’m calling the police. I’m calling the police, this woman just hit me,” she can be heard in the video saying. “…I can’t believe you. You guys are so violent. You Africans are so f*****g violent.”

The black woman then responded, “Keep it going,” to which the Hispaninc woman then replied, “You’re an African, right? I’m trying to give a description. Why are you so offended by the fact you’re an African.”

The black woman then accuses the Karen of calling her the “N Word.”

The Hispanic woman walks away from the Black woman and can be heard telling the police, “She attacked me from behind.”

Watch full video above.

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