Stitches Learns Fate In Felony Gun Case

Stitches recently learned his fate in his felony gun case. The tatted rapper escaped serving a jail sentence after a judge decided to instead place him in an intervention program, TMZ reports.

Stitches was charged with carrying a Glock and two magazines of ammo in his car, in January 2017.

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Stitches reportedly can’t possess any firearms until he obtains a gun license. He must also complete 25 hours of community service and a firearm safety course.

Last year, Stitches was leaving a food market in his Porsche when police recognized him. They pulled him over and asked if was in possession of a firearm.

Stitches denied having a gun, but handed over a marijuana joint. Police then found reason to search Stitches’ vehicle, finding a glock and two magazines of ammo under the seat.

Police also found a jar filled with 39.2 grams of weed and one oxycodone pill, no prescription. He was arrested on felony gun and marijuana possession.

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