P. Rico Threatens To Smack Tekashi69 If He Ever Comes To Chiraq


P. Rico ain’t going. The JoJo World rapper threatened to smack Tekashi69 for sneak dissing.

The “Gummo” rapper is accused of dissing JoJo World rapper P. Rico while rapping RondoNumbaNine’s “Hang With Me (Remix).”

Tekashi specifically repeated a line where Rondo dissed Rico, rapping, “Tay600, LA, Cdai up them f*****g things/Who the f**k is Rico?, He get my desert Eagle/I heard he say he BDK, I think he f**k with…”

Rico wrote in his IG story, “Do not come to Chiraq. I repeat, do not come to Chicago, dumb f**k.”

He continued, “You a whole b***h and I’m smacking yo a-- when I see [Tekashi69].”

When Rico first caught wind of the diss, he took to social media to write, “Wanna be down a-- n****s B.”

Rico is the originator of the “Hang With Me” record.

Was Tekashi69 playing crazy? Sound off below.

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