Kendrick Lamar Supports XXXTentacion’s ‘17’ Album

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Kendrick Lamar is rocking with XXXTentacion’s “17” album. K.Dot took to his Twitter account to encourage fans to purchase the project.

He wrote, “Listen to this album if you feel anything. Raw thoughts.”

He added he had already listened to the album five times.

X chose an unconventional marketing tactic to promote the album a day before its release by faking his death.

XXXTentacion shocked many of his fans Wednesday after posting footage of himself hanging from a tree. X simulated the act of suicide by appearing to jump from a ladder near a tree.

X took to his IG account to dispel rumors he was dead. He posted onto IG a clip from an upcoming music video that shows him rapping while hanging from a tree.

X captioned his post, “If you thought I would pretend to kill myself for a publicity stunt you’re f*****g stupid.”

if you thought I would "pretend" to kill myself for a publicity stunt you're f------ stupid

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X also went on IG Live to clarify the video he posted:

“Everyone needs to calm down. That was a prop from my music video. It was a piece of my music video. Everybody needs to chill the f**k out. I was just trying to preview it. I didn’t know people would not catch on. There’s a lot of people that caught on. I was in the middle of shooting, so I couldn’t explain myself. I couldn’t end the rumor. Everybody needs to chill the f**k out. I’m not playing with suicide, especially since I had a girl kill herself in my f*****g hotel room, not even two to three months ago. It’s not cool to make assumptions. Nobody in my camp claimed I was dead. …How the f**k would the video post itself? Y’all n****s is tripping. Relax. I had to hurry up and post, so n****s didn’t think I was dead cause I don’t want any of my f*****g fans killing themselves. Y’all n****s is tripping. …I’m not dead. Relax, it’s for a music video. I was trying to surprise you guys and show my fans I’m out here really working. And then there was a subliminal noose in my profile picture. There’s a big f******g on the left side of my profile picture. Y’all n****s is f*****g crazy. For my fans, not the n*****s that be hating, how did y’all not piece together the fact that I’m really out here tryna preach a positive message, and I’m telling y’all n****s not give up. Why would I go kill myself and abandon all of you. I literally have like two million kids that look up to me.”

Many fans took to social media to react to X’s shocking video of him hanging himself:

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