LGBT Zeta Phi Beta Member Defends MIAKAs

A LGBT member of Zeta Phi Beta spoke out on Youtube in a video blog to defend MIAKAs.

The young woman who goes under the name Hypnotiqdom said she doesn’t condone MIAKAs or Delta Gents, but also doesn’t frown upon their actions.

Some, she said, feel these men should make an organization for themselves and stop biting sororities.

“Let’s be real, people,” she said. “Most of these men who do this don’t walk around on campus publicly in AKA or DST Nalia. Some don’t want to be recognized publicly on this level. Some just want a sense of belonging the other fraternities will not offer them.”

Hypnotiqdom acknowledged there are available LGBT fraternities and sororities, but the men would rather be a part of NPHC greeks.

As a member of LGBT community, Hypnotiqdom confesses that there are members of the NPHC fraternities who belong to MIAKAa or Delta Gents.

“The funny thing about being a lesbian is that I see underneath the surface. I see what most of yall don’t see,” she said. “Most of yall think that little sissy punks and f****ts are members of MIAKAs and Delta Gents. Little do you realize that some of these men are also members of Alpha, Kappa, Omega, Sigma… along with other non divine nine organizations such as Phi Mu Alpha, KK PSi, Gamma Beta Chi and Alpha Phi Omega.”

“I’ve seen with my own eyes,” she continued. “I’ve seen men in these frats strolling in these lines duck walking or throwing up ivies and pyramids. It’s just funny to see that these men are the same men hopping on the quad or these same men doing all these other type of stuff. Most of yall would never know.”

Hypnotiqdom said she is not going to “down” MIAKAs or Delta Gents because some of them know the sororities’ information better than sorority members themselves.

“One of my best friends is a little male Delta,” she said. “If you ask him to spit those founders, he will not hesitate. He knows how many sides there are to a pyramid and why. I’ve been to some of these probates and some of these girls don’t even know their info. Everyone can tell that they are stumbling.”

Hypnotiqdom even accuses some sorority members of not knowing the names of their own line sisters.

These men, she said, are putting some of the sorority members to shame.

“I don’t condone but it’s sad that some of these men have more love for it than some of the women,” she said. “They have more love for it, they rep it hard.”

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