Lil Bibby Says Money Is ‘Poison’


Lil Bibby told Montreality in his latest interview that he wished he could rid the world of money. The Chiraq MC said Dead Presidents are essentially evil.

“If it was no money then it a be a better place,” he said. “I remember when I had no money, I had the most fun in my lifetime. When I started getting money, that’s when things get to going south. People get to looking at you different… your family, your homies, everything just change. Money and fame change everything. Poison.”

Money and fame has long weighed in on Bibby’s mind. Bibby spoke with Cabral Productions about this very topic.

“‘Free Crack 2’ I was talking about dealing with the fame,” he said. “Fame and money bring a lot of negative energy, negative people… like snakeish people around you… money hungry. I was talking about how I’m dealing with that. It’s a little stressful. Your friends start acting a little funny… your family. People always say money don’t change you, it’s people around you. I found out the hard way that sh-t is a hundred percent true.”

Lil Bibby also touched on the dangers of having money during an interview with 3 Little Digs. Groove of 3 Little Digs asked the three things the South Side Chicago rapper valued most.

Bibby replied, “money, thick women and good vibes.”

Bibby values good vibes most.

“You gotta have good vibes around cause it’s bad people all around,” he said. “When it’s money involved in something, it attracts bad people, man. You gotta keep you some good vibes around you.”

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