Lil Durk Reveals Why He Moved To Atlanta

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Lil Durk has been a resident of both the Midwest and West Coast. Now, he calls the Dirty South home. The OTF frontman made the move to Atlanta earlier this year.

Durk revealed the reasoning for his move during a recent interview with Paper Mag.

Durk’s trek to the A was strictly a business decision.

“It’s so easy to connect with different artists because you can really just pull up on them at the studio or wherever they are and build a relationship with them,” Durk told Paper Mag. “You got to get out and hit the scene, and be yourself.”

Durk said Meek Mill provided him the invaluable advice in getting his music played in the strip clubs.

“Meek is the one like, ‘you gotta go out bro,’ Durk said. ‘You know like, Magics, Blue Flame.’”

Durk continued, “He’s like, ‘You gotta get out and hit the scene.’ You have to go politicking with the DJs in the club. …You got to show love, they’re often more important than the artists.”

Durk announced his move to Atlanta when speaking about his “Love Songs For The Streets” project during an interview with The Fader.

“I just moved to Atlanta so the change of scenery and environment put me in a different mood and a different vibe, both good,” Durk told The FADER over email. “Lucci was one of the first artists I connected with when I moved here. First day I got here he had a session, so I pulled up to it and we did like 3-4 records together that night. This one is just the first that’s being released.”

Durk left Chiraq for LA in November 2015.

Lil Durk has long stated he wanted to move his family out of Chicago. Durk spoke with Thomas Morton of Noisey in the “Chiraq” documentary to express his growing concern of violence plaguing his hometown.

“I’m gonna move to L.A., man. Move my kids out this s**t. Now I got kids. I’ma get them out of here,” he said. “As long as they safe and they good. They ain’t gotta worry about watching their backs where they at.”

Durk acknowledge there is violence everywhere, but said it’s different in Chicago.

“Violence everywhere, but we’ve got known violence in Chicago,” he said. “Like they killing kids. It’d be something real stupid happening like they killed that baby [Jonylah Watkins].

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