Lil Durk & Sicko Mobb Drop New Bop Anthem ‘Maserati’

Lil Durk and Sicko Mobb have a classic bop record on their hands. The trio of rappers is zooming in their newly released track “Maserati.”

Lil Ceno hits this track, rapping, “I’m rolling, I’m holding, got money, so I blow it/Got ni**as plotting on Sicko cause I got they thotties goin/Got a red b*tch and her hair long/And I love the way her legs long.”

Lil Trav follows his Sicko brother, rapping, “I’m passed off on Versace and these thotties think I’m hottie and this outing makes hobby cause we do out dance on highways/Lil Trav is my name, OTS is switching lanes while his girlfriend give me brain/Make that shit her hobby.”

Lil Durk is hitting his money dance on this bop track.

Durk, like his Sicko Mobb counterparts, flexes an up-tempo flow, rapping, “I might money dance with a hundred bands, that chopper make him do the running man/I don’t bop, I do the money dance/Own money dance, yo b*tch bop/Yo b*tch pop, can’t give me top/Just give me gwop.”

Renowned Chi Town producer Cicero On Da Beat hooked up this up-tempo track that is sure to get feet and arms instantly moving.

Listen to Lil Durk and Sicko Mobb’s Bop Anthem “Maserati”

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