Lil Gnar Thinks He’s RondoNumbaNine, Shows Off Rocket Launcher


Lil Gnar thinks he’s RondoNumbaNine. The Atlanta rapper posted footage of himself handling a rocket launcher on his IG account.

Lil Gnar’s are similar to Rondo’s incident in 2014.

The Crime Control Strategies Deployment Operations Center: 003rd District Gang Violence division published a safety bulletin alleging two notorious gang factions were in possession of a “rocket launcher,” including the “Bricksquad Gangster Disciples” and “Brick City/Wiic City Black Disciples.”

The image of rising Chi Town rap artist RondoNumbaNine, born Clint Massey, was included in the bulletin.

“There are several photos posted on social media with MASSEY in possession of a rocket launcher similar to the one in the above photo,” the bulletin read.

There is no direct evidence that the weapon was indeed real. Rondo went on to refute the authenticity of the alleged weapon and proclaim his innocence.

“On Dthang Dat Rocket launcher Publicity S— FuFu Asl! Who Tf Will Do Sum with A F—- Rocket Laucher!! U Gotta Be Da Dumbest Mf!! #Wtf” he wrote.

Rondo was previously upset with the attention his post received after it appeared on gossip blog sites MediaTakeOut and Vlad TV.

Rondo was upset with the latter website for their piece written on him and referred to DJ Vlad as “paparazzi.”

“Lol Dey Funny Asl Is Dey Paparazzi On Steve,” the caption on Rondo’s post read.

“Tell Dey a– Pick Dis Up Bandz Funny A– Paparazzi’s,” he added in another IG post.

Vlad’s post wrote Rondo possessed an alleged “legit rocket launcher” and that photos have since been deleted from the “Don’t Know Me” rapper’s account.

The bulletin also stated the photos were taken down, but sourced a YouTube video as “providing further detail.”

Rondo further proclaimed his innocence in several more posts:

“On Steve turn y’all f—— goofy down!! Get on sum real s—!!!!” he wrote in IG.

“It Seem Like Since I Start Going Crazy A lot Of Fu S— Been Happening But It Ain’t Im A Boss N—- #RealNiggaSaluteMe,” he added.

Rondo then quoted a line from Lil Durk’s “Dis Ain’t What U Want”

“In My Own City Dey Hate On Me Put Weight On Me!!!” he wrote.

Rondo went on to slam the media and police.

“Lol Ion Even Respond To Da Foolishness!!! My Fans Are So Funny N Da Media To It Doesn’t Make No Sense!!

“F— 12,” he wrote.

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