Lil Herb Says More Jobs and Opportunities For Youths Will End Violence In Chiraq

Lil Herb’s music paints a vivid story of the harsh realities of street life in Chiraq. Gun violence has long plagued the city and its youths. G Herbo recently discussed with Sway In The Morning his thoughts on the solution to curbing violence and crime in his hometown.

“…Provide as much jobs as possible,” he told Sway. “More revenue and more money flowing in, I feel like the less killing and less time people will have on their hands to go kill. Most of the killing is about money and territory and sh-t like that. …Territory bring money. You gotta provide jobs for people like that. Keep the youth busy cause that’s who killing. … More jobs, more opportunities for the youth.”

Black male teens don’t receive equal treatment in the workforce in Chicago. A Chicago Urban League report shockingly states 92 percent of black male teens were unemployed in 2012.

The discriminatory practices by companies are heavily affecting teens aged 16-19.

The eight percent of working Chicago teens is extremely low compared to the nationwide average of 17 percent and state average of 12 percent.

The Chicago Urban League found there are 600,000 fewer jobs in Illinois today than in the year 2000.

The jobs normally given to teens are now being given to adults. This includes fast food, “entry level” retail jobs and paper delivery.

Oftentimes, families need their children to work to help bring money into the home. Adults don’t fare much better in the job force with the unemployment rate for African Americans in Chicago standing at 19.5 percent.

Many teens turn to the streets to make money. Oftentimes, this involves earning it through illegal means.

Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

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