Lil Reese Says Chief Keef & Lil Durk Are Not Beefing

Is the beef between Chief Keef and Lil Durk really “fufu?”

It apparently is according to a source that knows both rappers personally.

Lil Reese broke his silence on the supposed growing feud between Chief Keef and Lil Durk.

“Durk and keef ain’t beefin dat sh*t fufu trust me,” he wrote on Twitter.

It’s hard for fans to know where Chief Keef and Lil Durk stand due to the continuous jabs thrown between the two.

Durk recently called out Sosa for siding with Tyga and Game following the West Coast rappers’ release of their “Chiraq To LA” diss track.

Sosa spoke in Blood lingo when telling fans to go check out Tyga and Game’s track.

“Be Bool! Go f*ck wit Blood nem,” Sosa wrote on IG.

Durk wasn’t amused.

“Shorty said f**k chiraq and he from here huh????”

“Sosa posted tyga and game diss on ig ……dats sayin f-- chiraq,” Durk wrote.

Durk told WGCI’s DJ MoonDawg that he and Sosa were in the process of reconciliation. But all of that ended after Sosa’s recent actions.

“First it was just Twitter, then It was just phones calls. Everybody tryna get everybody back together,” Durk explained. “So when Tyga and Game song dropped and he posted it on his page…I’m like he ain’t disrespecting me, he disrespect the whole Chicago like he riding with another city. He ain’t gotta deal with me at the end of the day, he gotta deal with everybody.”

Durk says there is no chance he would reconcile with Sosa at this point.

“I’m not reaching out to him. It’s over with,” he said. “He from L.A.”

Durk recently addressed his beef with Sosa in Meek Mill’s “Chiraq” remix, rapping, “N****s say me and Sosa beefing, but we both eating, but only one keeping/Told Law he take 15 years, every crime we did we gone keep it secret.”

Durk went on to clarify on Twitter his rhyme wasn’t a diss.

I ain’t send shots at @ChiefKeef,” he wrote on Twitter.

Durk and Sosa’s beef dates back to summer 2013. Durk most notably took aim at the “Bang 3” rapper following his release from jail.

The entire altercation stemmed from Sosa’s refusal to pay Durk’s $10,000 bond.

Durk was arrested on a weapons charge in early June.

Police reportedly saw the OTF rapper pitch a stolen handgun in the backseat of a parked Hyundai Sonata in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Durk’s bond amount was set at $100,000. He needed 10 percent of the bond amount, $10,000 to be exact, for release.

Durk took direct aim at Sosa following his release from jail.

“F--- gbe b----,” Durk wrote.

Lil’ Durk slammed Chief Keef for not giving back to the 300 Black Disciple neighborhood.

“U would of been got killed if it wasn’t for 300

“F--- a deal I’m out here u better off sub tweetin DA OPPS ‪#iknowdarealyou

“We’re u gone spend it at cus u can’t c-- around here wit it lol

“If u squad y u ain’t get tslick or drose !!!!! U gotta bigga deal right ‪#fufu

“It take for yo b---- a-- to beef wit me to finally do sum for yo block Durk been buyin guns dummy #,” he wrote.

But Sosa wasn’t going to sit idly by and take threats from the “Dis Ain’t What You Want” rapper.

Sosa discredited Durk’s affiliation to the Black Disciples, calling the Def Jam rapper a former “brick.”

“Cant Believe N----- Stuntin Fa Da Twit Dats Crazy Kno Damn Well I Kno U Jus like u kno me goof a-- Use To be Brick,” he wrote.

Keef let it known that he is forever O’Block.

“O Nem Raised me Better No Opps Allowed

“Aye man On O Grave I aint beefin I dont beef Wit people i dont kno Unless Its Physical



Sosa then got social media going haywire after the release of his Young Chop-produced single “All I Care About.”

Sosa sneak disses Durk, rapping, “Where yo Coke, Boy? My choppa down!”

Lil Durk didn’t waste any time issuing a statement on Sosa’s latest antics.

“I’m not talking bout no GBE or no mubu when I tweet…….4wat,” the “Signed To The Streets 2” rapper wrote.

Durk later wrote he doesn’t sneak diss and is direct when it comes to addressing beef.

“Dat ain’t no diss @SupaSavageOj lol I say names,” Durk later added.

Durk’s statement is reaffirmation of a position he’s held for several months.

Durk wrote in December 2013 he doesn’t subtweet GBE or Mubu.

“I don’t subtweet #GBE or #MUBU so don’t feel some type of wayyyyy,” he wrote.

Are Chief Keef and Lil Durk truly beefing or not? Sound off below.

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