Louis Farrakhan Calls Jesus a Black Muslim in Alabama A&M Appearance

“Because Jesus said ‘Not My will, but Thy will.’ You know what we call that in Arabic? Islam. He was a Muslim.”
– Louis Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan, nation of Islam leader, visited Alabama A&M and made some shocking claims in his presentation, including Jesus’ skin race and religion.

“It doesn’t matter what color Jesus was, Farrakhan told a packed auditorium. “If Jesus were actually white, that’s fine… if he were. But he was not.”

Farrakhan asked the crowd how would they receive Jesus if he looked like them.

Suppose Jesus look like you, he said.

“They said he came unto his own. But his own received him not. And the light shined in the darkness, but the darkness comprehended it not,” he said. “If you know he’s coming back, don’t you think you should have some idea of what he looked like?”

Farrakhan told many spectators in the event, which drew criticism from area religious leaders, that they got the “right name” and “right man,” but they don’t actually “know” Jesus.

Farrakhan made a controversial claim into the religious and racial background of Jesus.

“Because Jesus said ‘Not My will, but Thy will.’ You know what we call that in Arabic? Islam He was a Muslim,” he told the crowd.

Farrakhan argued the racial background of Jesus by referencing the Jewish Seder holiday and telling the story of Prophet Elijah’s arrival to each doorway on Passover night.

“If Elijah was at the door and he was black, you would call 911 and say there’s a n****r at the door, claiming he’s Elijah! Send the police!” he said to cheers in the audience.

“Why would Jewish people be so shocked?” he asked. “Because you are not trained to accept wisdom from a black person no matter how wise that black person is.”

In Farrakhan’s speech, he even calls himself a “Christian” and a “Jew,” noting that the religions, including Islam, are all the same.

When you understand the root of being a Jew and being a Christian and being a Muslim, if you go to the root. It’s the same.

Louis Farrakhan rose in the ranks of the Nation of Islam after Malcolm X left. He has long been a controversial figure on politics, religion and race.

Watch Clips from Presentation Below.

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