Tommy Sotomayor Has Powerful Message For Black America Regarding Trayvon Martin Case

Tommy Sotomayor posted an inspirational video on the death of Trayvon Martin. But the controversial radio host didn’t shy away from condemning all parties involved in the propagandizing and exploitation of Martin.

Sotomayor displayed two graphic photos of Martin’s dead body before providing listeners a moving portrayal on what may have been Martin’s last thoughts before taking his last breath:

“The one thing that hurts me more than anything is the second picture to see that this young black male, his last breath may have been he seen white people looking down at him offering him no assistance. Just staring down on what they thought was another black teen who was in a place he shouldn’t have been or place they didn’t want him. He looked up and saw white people taking photos of him taking his his last breaths. I’m sure the boy looked up and thought, “I sure wish my mother was here. Wish my brother was here. Wish my father was here. I wish someone who looked like me was here. I wish my father was home. I wish one of my friends was walking with me. I wish I never met this man who just shot me. I wish I hadn’t got that ice tea… those skittles. I wish I just had sat at home. I wish I wasn’t so alone. And then darkness.”

“The pain that young boy felt anywhere from three to seven minutes must have been unimaginable,” Sotomayor said. “The pain that this young man felt, none of us, not one, will be able to imagine. I hope that none of us ever gets a chance to.”

Sotomayor slammed the Sanford Police Department for failing to following proper procedure when conducting their investigation.

The Sanford PD ran tests on Martin, but failed to give George Zimmerman a drug and alcohol test upon arrest.

“They decided to give a drug test to a dead boy,” Sotomayor explained. “They decided to look at the criminal records of a dead boy and not a grown a-- man. They took the word of a man who had shot someone that they had never spoken to.”

“We do know he has a violent past, domestic violence,” Sotomayor continued.

Zimmerman’s criminal records include a July 2005 arrest for “resisting officer with violence,” according to Orange County court records.

The charges were dropped after Zimmerman entered an alcohol education program.

Zimmerman’s estranged fiancé filed a restraining order against him for domestic violence a couple months later in August.

Sotomayor proclaims there is a “race war” brewing in the America that is being stirred by the “media.”

“The liberal media that you love so much is helping build it up,” he said.

Black folks, Sotomayor said, won’t be ready when it does happen due to dysfunctional behavior.

“Cuz the only thing yall used to doing is f------ over and killing your own people,” he said. “The only thing yall used to doing is spending all your money on weed. The only thing yall used to doing is sagging your pants and rapping and talking about Versace wear. You don’t know how to make money for your community. All you know how to do is making money for other communities.

“All we do is make money for somebody else. Ask the NBA,” he added.

Sotomayor blasted those who are using Martin’s death for their own personal gain.

“This young boy’s death has been trivialized by everyone covering it,” he explained. “No one wants to tell the story correctly or be truthful. They want to make him out to be a saint or out to be a Tony Montana’s cousin. Everybody has their hands in the cookie in the cookie jar. No one gives a damn about him. None of you do.”

Sotomayor told viewers African Americans are too busy fighting to even know whom the real enemy is.

“For all you black folks chasing and running down and threatening other black folks, you’re the reason that boy died looking up at his white murderers and his white prosecutors,” he said. “His white detractors. There was only white people who documented this whole thing.

“There were white witnesses, white perpetrator, white law members, everybody having something to do with this boy’s death was white.”

Listen to Tommy Sotomayor’s Trayvon Martin rant below

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