Lud Foe Calls Out Rappers Who Leave Their Producers Once They Get Clout

Lud Foe says he’s going to stand by his day-one producer Kid Wond3r. It was Kid Wond3r who encouraged Foe to stay out of the streets and in the studio.

“I had [Kid Wond3r] always in my ear, too,” Foe said. “I’ll be like, ‘Man, I’m finna go out.’ Kid like, ‘Hell nah, I’m in the studio. Slide up here.’”

Lud Foe says his relationship with Kid Wond3r is deeper than music.

“I love my producer. It’s bigger than music with my producer,” Foe said. “I feel that my producer deserves his recognition. He’s a great producer. I feel like a lot of people don’t know him that should know him, so that’s why I do that. …If a motherf****r sleep, he gon wake em up.”

Foe says he doesn’t like how rappers ditch their producers when they get on.

“A lot of rappers switch up on their producers,” Foe said. “This producer could’ve been with you and made you hot, all the songs. Then when you get hot, you switch up and go to a whole nother producer. I don’t like that s**t.”

He added, “It’s bigger than music with my producer. Really family.”

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