Rocaine Turns Up To Chief Keef’s ‘War’

Rocaine is no longer rocking Glo Gang, but is still apparently a fan of Chief Keef. Ro recently streamed Sosa’s “War” record on IG Live. He mocked fans who questioned him on his music choice.

Ro recently dissed both Glo Gang and OTF during an IG Live session.

Ro claimed Sosa told him to call him “boss,” but he wasn’t going.

Rocaine appeared to be the star Detroit rapper on Sosa’s roster. Sosa made a guest appearance in Ro’s underground hit record “Chicken Chicken.”

Rocaine previously left the Glo Gang camp because he thought Chief Keef dissed him in a song. BallOut got on the line with Ro to clear the matter up.

“All that diss songs, So ain’t finna make no diss songs about you, boa,” Bally told Ro over the phone.

Ro said, “You heard that diss song talking about the white b***h? ‘You the type to get robbed by a b***h.’”

BallOut said Ro’s claims were anything but true.

“Man, hell nah man,” BallOut said. “That n***a got a million songs. He don’t talk about nobody in none of his songs. …You better see when that song came out. That song probably came out way before that.”

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