Lupe Fiasco Says Mayor Rahm Emanuel Has A Role In Chicago Violence

There are a myriad of issues plaguing the city of Chicago. Lupe Fiasco touched on these dire circumstances in song “Old School Love.”

“The core of the record is addressing some of the issues that’s going on in Chicago with the violence,” Lupe told DJ Whoo Kid on the “Whoolywood Shuffle.”

“It’s me having a conversation with one of little homies that’s telling me there’s no rules out here,” he continued.

Lupe said its up to the youth to end the violence in the city.

“When these kids wanna stop, they gonna stop,” he said. “When they come to terms with it, when they come to grips with it…it ain’t got nothing to do with Lupe, nothing to do with CPD, the mayor has a role in it, but at the same time, it’s really up to them to make the decision to say “Look, we’re going to put these pistols down. We’re going to try to solve our problems in a more constructive way.”

Lupe commented violence has always plagued his city, but has taken on a different form in the present.

“When I was growing up, you had the violence and then you had your fun,” he said.

The problem in present day, Lupe explained, is “people having fun with violence.”

“Chicago was super violent when I was growing up early 90s, even late 80s. It was kinda crazy,” he said. “A lot of gang wars, a lot of the chiefs was coming in an out of jail. The drug game was still crazy. You had violence everywhere.”

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