Main Gotti, FlyGod Loco and Na$o Plot Get Back In “Code Red” Music video

Main Gotti is out for revenge.

The West Side Chicago rapper got hit up while chillin in his whip with a friend. Gotti luckily survives with minor injuries after driving himself to Garfield Park Hospital. He leaves the hospital just hours later.

Gotti is not concerned about nursing his wounds as he is already plotting get back. He’s dubbing the get back operation “Code Red.”

Gotti raps, “I’m Code Red, don’t give a f**k about what these n***s said/And if they wanna go to war, come on, we got long bread/A lot of money, clarity diamonds, make a b***h give long head/We got Glocks and SDs, 223s, them pro mags.”

FlyGod Loco You don’t hear no talking, pop out show me how you living, Yeah they killed your dog, that broke your heart, gotta show em how you feeling/And you know gang gang with that drama, we gon hit em where there ain’t no healing at/Get at us, we gon get em back/Put extra holes in his fitted cap.”

Na$o finishes this track, rapping, “I know n****s who hit kill switches, still gotta watch my mans out here/Everybody that blow not real n****s/Deep up in them trenches, they broke my heart, had to kill with it/Savage dad, crossed my heart, wake up and I didn’t still feel it.”

As for the opp who slid on Main Gotti at the beginning of this Passport Trace-directed visual, we now know it was mission accomplished for operation “Code Red.”

Watch “Code Red” music video above.

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