Billionaire Black Responds To YBN Almighty Jay Dissing Tooka

Billionaire Black ain’t rocking with YBN Almighty Jay for dissing his STL brother Tooka. Billy took to social media to call out Jay.

“Y’all n****s wanna be cool so bad. You think buddy nem beat yo a** in New York, wait til we catch you, I’m gon beat the f**k out you, dude. On folks nem grave,” he said.

Billionaire captioned his post, “Watch yo mouth, y’all post to be gang, and you saying dumb s**t out yo mouth.”

Billy then tagged YBN Nahmir in his post, writing, “Lil folks call me asap [on folks nem grave] cause we zero tolerance and yo manz playin.”

Tooka, whose real name is Shondale Gregory, was 15 years old when he was gunned down while waiting at a bus stop on Jan. 12, 2011.

YBN Almighty Jay was recently playing GTA V online with Chief Keef when he name dropped Sosa.

“F**k Tooka, let me get in there,” he said.

Sosa replied, “Don’t even say Shorty name. That s**t old.”

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