Maxo Kream Disses King Yella, Clout Boy Reacts


Maxo Kream is the latest rapper to accuse King Yella of disrespecting Fredo Santana. Maxo Kream issued a threatening message to Yella in a video posted online.

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“No g-d damn sneak dissing. None of that h*e a-- s**t. King Yella, you’s a motherf*****g b***h,” Kream said. “Keep Fredo name out yo mouth. Don’t post my bro, you feel me. Bro ain’t talking bout no JoJo, not talking bout no Tooka. You’s a motherf*****g b***h. That go for any n***a. Y’all couldn’t say it to Fredo face when he was here, so don’t talk down when he dead, b***h cause I will put you with him. You can say it to his face. I mean every word. Try me. Maxo Kream said that. I stand on that 10 toes.”

Yella took to his IG story to respond to Kream, writing, “do sum nerd a-- n***a.”

King Yella also caught some backlash from BabyCEO a few days ago.

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BabyCEO accused Yella of disrespecting Fredo Santana. Yella reportedly posted and deleted video of himself with a friend who said, “F**k Fredo.”


BabyCEO, who is signed to Fredo’s SSR imprint, dissed Yella on his social media account.

BabyCEO wrote in his IG story, “We seen what y’all said bout Fredo, I want smoke brick a-- n***a.”

He wrote on Twitter, “Yoo, somebody mention KingYella & Tell Em IWnt smoke, we saw dat s**t brick a-- n****a #LongLiveWalknLegend.

Yella took to social media to issue a response to the Memphis teen rapper.


“As long as y’all keep my name in y’all mouth, I’ma keep getting paid,” he said. “Little a-- kids better stop playing with me. Baby CEO, I’ll take my belt off and whoop yo a--. Little a-- b***h.”

He continued, “Y’all stop with all this Internet s**t. N***a, stop talking and do something.”

King Yella paid his respects to Fredo on IG, writing, “RIP shorty. He was solid. Stayed in his lane. Never dissed. Shorty was getting his bag. Rest easy young n***a [100 emoji] @fredosantanassr.”

Fredo’s cause of death was revealed to be a seizure.

Fredo’s girlfriend reportedly found his body on the floor of his Los Angeles home around 11:30 p.m. He was 27.

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