Meek Mill Finally Responds To ‘Meek Mill Sister,’ Female Rapper Reacts

Female rapper Faye Music has been making a lot of noise under her rap moniker “Meek Mill Sister.” Her rhyme skills have gotten her multiple viral videos. Up until this point, it appeared Meek Mill never took notice. But it has now been confirmed that Meek Mill was very well aware of Faye after DJ Cosmic Kev brought up the topic of “Meek Mill Sister” during a recent Power 99 interview (5:00-minute mark).

“You mentioned your sister is not in the projects anymore,” Kev said. “Is that the same sister… cause I always wanted to ask you… the girl who would go on there freestyling, is that your real sister?”

Meek responded, “No, that’s my sister, Kev. You should know me long enough to know I don’t have a sister that rap. Even with that, the circus. I gotta click on the internet, everyday ‘Meek Mill sister disses Nicki,’ ‘Meek Mill sister disses Drake,’ I don’t even, it’s a circus. This not my sister, man. …I don’t know what’s going on with that. I looked at it for 10 seconds and clicked it off. I was like, ‘My sister not crazy like that.’”

Meek Mill sister has taken social media to address Meek’s words in a freestyle. Watch below.

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