NBA Youngboy Accused Of Beating Groupie For Sleeping With 21 Savage

One of NBA Youngboy’s tour groupies revealed the Baton Rouge rapper beat her for sleeping with 21 Savage. The girl, whose name is NayDevine, exposed the “38 Baby” rapper on IG Live.

“I was in the venue watching 21 Savage perform. I was standing next to Jania,” she said. “Jania points upstairs like, ‘Go upstairs. Youngboy’s upstairs. He wants you.’ So I go upstairs. Youngboy drags me by my hair. He drags me by my hair in front of everybody. He drags me by my hair into this room. I’m like, ‘Let go of my hair. Like what the f**k are you doing.’ I’m embarrassed as f**k. This n***a dragged me by my hair in front of everybody. So I cry and run to the [tour bus]. I get on the bus and I’m sitting there crying. Him and Montana come in there like, ‘This h*e is in the corner.’ So basically what they done said is I got flipped by 21 Savage’s friend and they knew exactly who I was, and met them in California. When I was in California, I was in California with Youngboy. How the f**k did I leave? They said basically I got flipped by 21 Savage’s friend and 21 Savage or something. That’s why he threw me off of the bus. When I had sex with 21 Savage, that was in my hometown.”

NayDevine also accused Youngboy of beating Jania.

“Jania had a black eye for the whole week,” she said. “Jania had a black eye and bruises all on her. But she ain’t gon say nothing.”

NayDevine said she’s not afraid to tell all because she has nothing to live for.

Watch full video above.

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