600Breezy Says He Will Be Home Soon In Latest Message From Prison

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600Breezy is holding his high as he awaits his release from prison. Breezo was incarcerated for violating his probation.

Breezo issued a statement to fans over the weekend via his IG account.

A photo of Breezo in prison was added to his account with a caption, reading, “Will be home soon! State of #Iowa allowed the Judge power to waste tax payers dollars to lock me up for lies told by my Iowa probation officer. The truth will be told. Stay tuned. Fighting for my freedom. Free 600 Breezy. Free Breezo. Will be posting transcripts soon! Prisoner of war on drugs and being young and black.

Breezo last wrote to his fans in late October.

Breezo’s caption read, “Keeping the faith & OTW Home with a story to tell! Gods plan to be a voice for those without! 3 mixtape ready! #FreeBreezo #Countdownbegins 100 plus books read & saving more money than ever thanks for the On going sales @empire! #600breezy #600Cartel #OVO.”

#600breezy in good spirits ?? #free600breezy #chicago #chiraq

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Breezo told fans in August he’d be out of jail before Summer 2018.

“I got a couple months. A motherf****r will be back to the streets,” he said. “They tried to give a n***a some bulls**t time. With them lawyers, with the grace of God, I ain’t got no time at all. Motherf****r will be back on the streets before next summer definitely. It ain’t s**t. Its light work. Kick my feet up. It ain’t s**t.”

Breezo may have Drake to thank for his team of top lawyers.

Breezo was able to speak on the phone with Drizzy during a conference call from prison. The OVO frontman offered encouraging words for the embattled 600Cartel rapper.

“At the end of the day, you were in the midst of doing something positive,” Drake said. “And you know you have people like us to vouch for that. Everybody knows you were doing bad s**t. You were changing your life for the better. Everybody we talk to has taken a valid interest in that. Not many people get the opportunity to do that where you’re from. The fact they’re trying to slow that up is a shame. And I know a lot of people don’t wanna see that happen.”

#Drake calls #600breezy from prison

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In June, Drake revealed in a leaked text message he was going to do everything he can to get Breezo out of prison.

The message from Breezo’s team read, “They took him in revoked his probation and gave him 10yrs. He won’t have to do it but basically lock him up for smoking weed & being black.”

Drizzy replied, “I won’t let him sit. We will do everything we can.”

#drake working to get #600breezy out that jam ? #600cartel #ovo

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Breezo’s team took to the rapper’s IG to announce the probation violation was over marijuana use. Breezy, according to the post, only had three months remaining on his probation.

Six-O-Breezo was taken into custody for probation violation. We will keep his fans updated. It was very extreme but his team will be working to get him back to his kids & right back to work. Please understand it was over smoking Gods gift & being black while on probation. He had 3 months left & We guess getting off and becoming successful is part of reform! No social media information was used just because he smoke weed to help the pain of living in Chicago & seeing so much death & the aches from being shot twice. Saddest part was seeing the smirk on the probation officer face! When she & the judge could have released him & had a success story but we now know clearly that's not the agenda! #600breezy #600cartel? #OVO #Empire if it's not posted here it not true. He excepts if he didn't drop dirty they wouldn't have anything on him. A white guy before him with no job, had beat up his girlfriend caught two other cases & got another dui, was freed on the spot! Breezo caught no other cases in 5yrs. Now regardless, how do u justify locking someone up for 10yrs for smoking weed & now tax payers have to pay for that & if that makes sense in my Breezo voice gtfoh! He stood up like a man on this moment & we will get him out & for now we will take this moment and will make it into a positive period!

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In a second IG post, Breezo’s team said the rapper would be out in less than a year.

Breezo revealed on Facebook he got in trouble for traveling without permission.

Breezo wrote, “This long a-- drive the Waterloo I’m about to walk in court on straight asshole mode … cause if I been violating for traveling… that mean I’m violating coming to court.. and the crazy part my supervising p.o in Chicago didn’t violate me . Iowa did….. After 5 years now Iowa wanna all of a sudden step in.”

Breezo’s mother, Renita King, confirmed his 10-year sentence on Facebook.

She posted a message that read, “Iowa just locked up Antonio Valentino King for 10 yrs. This is the worst birthday of my life.”

Breezo’s probation violation is from his 2012 arrest for crack c------ distribution.

In January, Breezo took to IG to comment on his arrest after news of the incident surfaced online.

Breezo wrote in his caption, “I see you n****s looking for skeletons in my closet and can’t find nothing but real street s**t. No flaws in my background keep digging. Real trap n***a. Free hoodo. 6.”

Breezo was among six people arrested during an early morning drug raid on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 in Waterloo, Iowa, according to the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier.

Officers with the Tri-County Drug Enforcement Task Force, Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement and the FBI were involved in the raid.

600Breezy’s career had been on the up as of late. Just weeks ago, Breezo celebrated Drake’s win for Top Artist onstage at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

In May, Breezo released his “Breezo George Gervin: Leading Scorer” edition to positive reviews.

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