New Study Reports it is Safer to be in an Open Relationship than to Cheat

A new study suggests it may be safer to be in an open relationship than to cheat, reports. The findings say cheaters are more likely to engage in unsafe sexual practices than those in open relationships.

The numbers are staggering with only 48% cheaters reporting to have ever used a condom during their promiscuity. Cheaters are also less likely to discuss their history of STD’s during infidelity, reports.

Terri Conley, a researcher in the department of psychology at the University of Michigan, headed the study along with colleagues. They reportedly surveyed 308 individuals in monogamous relationship and 493 people in open relations.

The shocking results discovered by were as follow:

– 48 percent of unfaithful people reported using a condom during their sexual digression, compared with 66 percent of individuals in an open relationship.

– 34 percent of unfaithful individuals reported talking about their sexual history and previous STD testing before engaging in sex, compared with 63 percent of those in open relationships.

– The cheaters were also less likely to cover or sterilize sex toys before using them, compared with those in open relationships.

Though the results are a bit shocking, doesn’t condone open relationships. Cheating and open relationship are both unsafe practices and does little to mature a loving relationship.

Kollege Kidds, what are your thoughts on open relationships??

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