Newage JerkBoy Disses Famous Dex For Swagger Jacking Finger Nail Polish Wave

#NewAgeJerkBoy Disses #FamousDex For Swagger Jacking The Finger Nail Polish Wave ??

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Newage Jerkboy caught viral fame after sucking on an assault rifle in his “Married To The Game.” Jerkboy is now back in the news for claiming ownership of the fingernail polish wave.

Jerkboy called out Famous Dex for appropriating Punk Rocker culture.

“Listen man, to all my fans and all my followers. Listen clearly. This fingernail polish I have on has nothing to do with my sexuality. I am a straight man. I am not gay. Therefore, I love all gay people. I love all people, regardless of your sexuality or who you are. This is called Punk Rock. I am a punk rocker,” he said. “I’ve been seeing a lot of rappers, including Famous Dex … I love your music, you’re lit, but I really need answers from you bro. You just can’t go around taking people waves. I’m starting to see a lot of you rappers wear fingernail polish out the blue, with chokers, spikes. Bro, this is a lifestyle for me. This is who I am as a person. I am a punk rocker. You guys cannot take stuff that do not belong to you.”

How’s it sounding? ?? #famousdex

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