Off-Duty Firefighter Saved Devyn Holmes’ Life After Being Shot In Head On Facebook Live

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A Houston firefighter can be credited with saving the life of a man who was shot on Facebook Live on Easter Sunday.

Chas Martin provided an account of his life-saving techniques during an interview with ABC 13 Houston. Chas was hanging with friends in a nearby parking lot with a group of friends when the heard the hysteria following the shooting.

Chas walked over to the car to find Devyn in the car slumped over. He found Holmes didn’t have a pulse, and got him out of the car to perform chest compressions.

“I just went for what I knew,” Chas said. “I just kept going, kept going, kept going, then I checked for a pulse again and his heart was pumping like a marathon runner.”

Devyn is currently recovering from his wound in Ben Taub Hospital.

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