Tekashi69 Faces Up To 15 Years In Prison After Pleading Guilty To Sexual Misconduct With a Child

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Tekashi69 has pleaded guilty to three felony counts of use of a child in a sexual performance, Genius reports. The “Gummo” rapper was 18 years old on the date of the crime.

You could be prosecuted for use of a child in a sexual performance if you hire or force someone who is under the age of 17 to participate in a sexual performance or in any way authorize a minor to be part of a sexual performance, according to New York Penal Law 263.05.


The victim is rumored to have been 13 years old at time of crime. Brooklyn rapper ZillaKami exposed Tekashi after posting a series of pictures showing Tekashi grabbing on the breasts of a minor.

A rep for Tekashi denied the charges in a statement to MassAppeal in August.

“[Tekashi69] doesn’t even like to say the R word [rape], we don’t play around with that s**t. As someone with a 3-year-old daughter we take this very seriously… Their whole thing was to try to slander his name and make him look terrible.”

Use of a child in asexual performance is a class C felony and carries up to 15 years in prison, a probation term of 10 years and a substantial fine.

Tekashi will also be required to register as a sex offender under the New York Sex Offender Registration act.

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