OG Cali Blood Boskoe100 Disses Trippie Redd For Trying To Ban Tekashi69 From LA

Boskoe isn’t feeling Trippie Red for banning Tekashi69 from his hometown of Los Angeles. Boskoe found it disrespectful for an out-of-towner to issue a no-fly zone another person in his city.

“What’s up with this n***a Trippie Redd, Blood? Blood thought he was slick,” Bosko said. “Blood thought we wasn’t finna get up and talk about this s**t in the morning. …Where the Ohio n****s at? Where is Blood from? Supposedly, he a Blood from Ohio, but where is that n***a from? And who is that n***a tapped in with in Cali for him for that n***a to feel like he banning somebody?

Boskoe continued, “How you banning n****s from a city you barely a guest in. You barely a guest yourself, Blood. We don’t even know who you moving around with. We not even sure who you moving around with for you to be banning n****s from the City. Go ban a n***a from your [city]. You can’t even ban a n***a from your own f****g city. You from Ohio.”

Trippie Redd banned Tekashi69 from Los Angeles following a confrontation with Nine Trey Bloods over the weekend in New York City

“6ix 9ine is still a rapist. He’s still a rapist a-- n***a,” Trippie said. “This n***s 6ix9ine done. He can’t come to LA at all. Never again. If 6ix 9ine comes to LA, it’s over. I’m in New York right now. If y’all really think bro bout that, really go tell that n***a pull up right now.”

He continued, “Bro a b***h. You wanna know what bro did. Bro had n****s waiting for me at my hotel. Some nine tre n****s. Soon as I walk in the building, hit right in my mouth.”

#TrippieRedd Says #Tekashi69 and New York Bloods Jumped Him, ‘Gummo’ Rapper Reacts ?Click link in bio for story

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Trippie clarified to followers on IG Live he didn’t get jumped.

“They need to know the truth. The blogs is saying I got jumped. I didn’t get jumped,” Trippie said. “We packed your homies out, B. I just walked in and a n***a sucker punched me in my mouth. Real Bloods don’t move like that, bro. If it was on some friendly Blood fighting s**t, ‘Slide, what you tryna do n***a.’ It’s not that, bro. You n****s is weird, you n****s is h**s. I’m giving this n***a clout. I been gave this n***a. Now I’ma beat your a-- when I see you. You gon be f****d up, n***a.”

#trippieredd says he didn't get jumped by #tekashi69 and #newyork #bloods ? click link in bio for story

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Trippie’s associate says he chased the Nine Trey boys off the block.

“I chased a n***a myself,” Trippie said. “I ran them n****s down myself. Me, myself and I. Them n****s is h**s for real. All them n****s. Y’all n****s is b*****s.”

Tekashi69 didn’t confirm or deny his involvement, but said he feels bad about the incident.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I feel really bad about it,” Tekashi said. “Chin is bruised up. You just can’t be out here calling people gay, bro. Can’t be supporting false accusations. You can’t be ranting on Live talking bout, ‘I’m good in New York.’ New York this, f**k New York that. You just can’t do that, bro. You should put some ice on that chin. Bruised up. I feel bad, bro. You can’t just start snitching and say, ‘It was the nine trey.’ Don’t do that, bro. It’s not gangster. I just want you to be my friend again.”

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