Wiz Khalifa Says Lean Is Lame

What’s better: weed or lean ? #wizkhalifa

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Wiz Khalifa is taking a stance against Lean. The Taylor Gang frontman took to social media call the consumption of codeine-promethazine “lame.”

“I been doing a little bit of thinking. ‘Cause I like to think a lot,” Wiz said. “You know, when a lot of people follow one trend, or find themselves doing the same thing that everybody else is doing, you don’t really get somebody that speaks for the other side. So I’ma just go ahead and speak for the other side. Lean is lame. Not for the lean sippers. Don’t get in your feelings. It’s for the people that don’t f— with that s—. Feel empowered. Know, lean is definitely lame.”

Wiz has yet to denounce Molly, though.

Wiz spoke on his guest appearance in Molly records during an interview with Hard Knock TV.

“I did a joint with Tyga, too. The molly record, that just came out.

“I think it’s past the people who are actually using it. It’s just money now,” the “Black and Yellow” rapper said. “You know what I mean? And I would be crazy not to tap into that. Like I want some of that money, too.

Wiz said it’s not his place to stop children from using the drug.

“And its kids, they are partying and having fun, so I’m not going to tell you what not to do,” he said. “You know what I’m saying. I’ve never been that dude. Like when I seen it was kind of growing and becoming more and more popular, at first I was one of the people that was ‘Yall need to chill with the Molly.’ I said that. But the more popular it grew, it got bigger than me and my influence, so it’s like you can either get with it or get lost. So I do not want to get lost.”

Though Wiz hops on “Molly” tracks, he said he never raps about popping the drug.

“I just brought the Mary aspect to it,” he said. “I never talk about popping Molly. But I’ll say some slang that you know people who do molly, they f*ck with it and I’ll say what I do do.”

Wiz mused on the possibility of the “Molly” fad dying out by the end of the year, but said he would continue to do records about the drug until it does.

“I just did another Molly song with Lil’ Durk,” he said. “The ‘Molly Girl’ record and it’s really, really tight and it’s about Molly and I think people are going to love it. Like they’re not going to get tired of it, not yet. It’s the beginning of the year. Maybe in December, they’ll be tire of it.”

Molly is a pure form of ecstasy. When induced, it puts the user in a euphoric state.

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