Philadelphia Woman Faces Murder Charge for Illegal Buttocks Injection Death

Padge Windslowe

A Philadelphia woman who goes by the alias “Black Madam” was formerly charged in the death of a London woman by silicon injection, according to the Associated Press.

Padge Windslowe faces a third-degree murder charge for injecting 20-year-old Caudia Aderotimi’s buttocks with silicon, ultimately leading to her death. The incident occurred more than a year ago in February 2011.

Windslowe allegedly threw “pumping parties” where she would inject multiple women with silicon for a fee.

Aderotimi died at a hospital after experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath, according to AP. She allegedly attended a pumping party hosted by Windslowe on Feb. 7, 2011 before her untimely death.

Windslowe is also a suspect in another near-fatal injection of another woman who sought her services. The victim reportedly spent two weeks in the hospital with severe respiratory problems. Silicon particles migrated the woman’s lungs.

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