Chief Keef’s New Jersey Ex-Girlfriend Gives Birth To Baby Girl, Not Boy

Chief Keef was planning the arrival of a baby boy with his former New Jersey girlfriend during the latter part of 2013. The child was to be named King Mon’e Cozart.

Sosa even bought his daughter Kay Kay and his son-to-be toy Lamborghinis.

“Kash And Her Brother Mon’e Gone be Ridin,” the Interscope rapper commented in an IG post.

But the baby Sosa was anxiously awaiting turned out to be a baby girl instead. If that’s not enough to take in, it was also learned that Sosa is not the father.

Chief Keef’s estranged New Jersey girlfriend gave birth to a healthy baby girl in late February. This is very telling because the young lady told Sosa their “son” was due in January.

The young woman released photos of the baby girl via IG, in addition to the child’s father.

“She’s Perfect,

“Bath Time with Her Daddy….@spvzzi6g,” she wrote on the captions of her IG photos.

Sosa was led believe he was the father of her baby for the latter part of 2013 and early 2014. But it was in January when his New Jersey girlfriend dropped a bombshell saying he wasn’t the father.

She shockingly revealed this news in a heated social media rant.

“Idk why everybody think he’s talking bout me, This is not his Baby!! TF

“But y’all knew that already!

“Boy mad I don’t wanna kick it, you rich, Get a new b***h,” she wrote.

Her remarks came following questionable posts made by Sosa.

“F**k dat tho yall I’m at work I got money to make. H*es gone live hard lives Better stay in school! #CSupport Gang

“She did Go on the first night Tho and I went raw all cuz she had her daddies BMW truck.

“These h*es these days think they know, I know how to play it my Moma taught me sorry! She didn’t like a slow kid don’t let how I am fool u.

“I done had a baby by a fan From New Jersey I f****d on da first night. And then y’all think Kaykay Moma 14. No she Same age me,” he wrote.

The New Jersey’s girl’s friend soon injected herself into the social media altercation, writing, “@ChiefKeef it’s not good 2 bad mouth the same chick u was eating c**chie.”

The New Jersey girl continued her anti-Sosa comments:

“I forgot it’s taxes time, people claim people kids everyday thou B..

“I’m not even being bitter, I’m spitting Facts!

“It’s not even that serious to want a baby by me, Ask Kari hell tell you the consequences… I’m Aggravating!!” she wrote.

Her rant didn’t end there as she dedicated an elongated IG post to Sosa, purporting again that Sosa was not the father of her child. She also mentioned Sosa wanting to move her into his mansion with him.

Chief Keef previously left his girlfriend to his new mansion as he went off to undergo rehab in Los Angeles. The young woman got extra comfortable in Sosa’s pad.

The young lady posted several IG posts of herself in Sosa’s bathtub and bed in his mansion. One of these photos included a selfie in her undergarments

“I Got A Attitude & I Don’t feel Good. I’m Going To Sleep

“This Tub got Me hating showers

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are….

“Hate Sleeping Alone,” the captions on the photos read.

But Sosa’s decision to leave this young lady in his mansion turned out to be a not so wise decision after she threatened to destroy his prized possessions.

The young woman took to IG to vent her frustration, writing, “My Anger is serious, & He know not to play with me !! I will break his Playstation, X Box, TV, All 7 Phones & His Car keys. I Will bleach His Sneakers, Pull the diamonds out of his chain he love so much, put oil on all his Moncler jackets & Then Lay on the Bed & watch Him Suffer & Cry as he Experience The Feelings I just went through while he was playing with me.”

Chief Keef issued a statement in response to the young lady’s claims he wasn’t the father.

“Fellas Da #ChildSupportGang Is f****n nuts

“All my Babymamas that wanna have lives with me dat I don’t wanna have = #ChildSupportGang,” he wrote.

Chief Keef and New Jersey have long had a tumultuous relationship.

The young lady disrespected Sosa numerous times after taking to social media to express her affection for another man. She even went as far as referring to this man as her “other half.” This occurred while she was living in Sosa’s mansion.

The young woman upped her scandalous ways a notch after posting IG footage of herself kissing her supposed lover.

“I know I Know It’s Bad, I can’t Stop Sweating Him #HeReallySleep #ImReallyBored #ILOVEHIMThou,” the caption on the footage read.

The actions of the young woman didn’t sit well with Chief Keef who lashed out in a series of subtle social media posts.

“Lmao Im In Rehab Til Feb 15 Baby To Bad #300,” he wrote.

Sosa’s post suggests the young lady is upset with him for not being there physically for her.

But as Sosa explained, he had no choice.

“B---- It’s A Court Order F--- U! I don’t Wanna be Want Me To Go on the Run?” he wrote.

“Dumb a-- H--

“Deez h---,” he added.

Sosa’s relationship woes prompted him to issue a bit of advice to the “fellas.”

“Fellas Never Trust ur B---- No Matterwat,” he wrote.

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