RondoNumbaNine Wishes Family and Fans A Happy New Year

RondoNumbaNine took to IG to send a message to family, friends and fans on New Years Eve. He also shared a photo of himself with a lady friend.

The caption on his post read, “I wanna let the world know that I don’t have a girlfriend!! But she is special she me best friend, my homie, my rowdy, my dawg, & she gang gang. She gon be around foreva because she showed me some that I won’t never forget #HappyNewYears To My Otf family & all my fans.”

In July 2016, RondoNumbaNine was sentenced to 39 years in prison for the 2014 murder of cab driver Javan Boyd. On Thursday, July 7, he was transferred to Menard Correctional Center in Menard, IL to serve his time.

Rondo’s projected release date is Feb. 24, 2056. He is eligible for parole on Feb. 24, 2053.

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