Bizzy Bone Reacts To Going To Jail After Threatening Offset and 21 Savage

Bizzy Bone got himself in that jam for threatening Offset and 21 Savage on IG Live. The Bone Thugz N Harmony rapper filmed himself toting a firearm before law enforcement knocked on his door.

He has since been released from jail. He took to IG Live to provide insight on the incident.

“I wanted to get on Live to let y’all know I just got out,” Bizzy said. ‘Everything cool.”

He continued, “Goddamn po po came to the house last night, hauled my a- to the big boy stuff. I was like, ‘What’s good?’”

‘We wanna talk to you about this stuff you posting on social media.’ I said, ‘Let me tell you something. I say what the f— I wanna say on social media, bro. Do what the f— I want. If I’m doing something illegal, then charge me bro.”

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