Soulja Boy Called Out For Repping GD and Blood

Soulja Boy had many confused earlier today after proclaiming to be a member of the Bloods gang.

Soulja announced his affiliation with California’s Fruit Town Pirus when getting at Chris Brown on IG.

“Chris Brown, you a b***h n***a. When I see you I’ma beat the f**k out you n***a,” Soulja said. “You think you hard cause you beat Rihanna up, n***a? Do that s**t to me p***y a-- n***a. The f**k wrong with you, n***a. You gon call my phone on FaceTime, talking bout ‘Why liking Karrueche pictures on Instagram. When I see you I’ma catch the fade, I’ma knock you out.’ N***a, this Fruit Town Piru, you ain’t even good in the hood. We from the same hood on Bompton. When I see you, we catching the fade. I’ma knock yo b***h a-- out. You got me f****d up. Officer Soulja what b***h? I got caught with a draco and 30 clip. I spent that check for the best f*****g lawyers to get me out of jail. I done shot n****s before. You see what the f***k on my face. Karrueche don’t want you. Stop snorting so much coke.”

Soulja’s blood ties were quickly called into question after it was revealed he used to claim Gangster Disciples.

Los Angeles rapper and Blood member Boskoe has taken issue with Soulja’s claims.

Boskoe posted footage onto his IG of Soulja repping GD in a freestyle.

He wrote in his caption, “Damn bro. Nowhere to hide. You better try to get wit me n****a. You better start payin a real one to be around you and mentor you. @souljaboy Just say no to drugs. “

Bosko then posted a YouTube video of Soulja titled, “Soulja Boy Is A Gangsta Disciple.”

He captioned his post, “Maybe the GDs gon let you kome back. I Doubt it tho.”

Bosko posted another throwback YouTube video of Soulja repping GD titled “Blue Tee.”

He captioned his post, “How u jus leave yo Folks behind.”

Boskoe went on to joke he’d be hosting fight between Soulja and Chris Brown.

Soulja Boy was definitely a GD. Soulja can be heard saying he’s “7/4 Til The World Blow” in his song “Work.” Watch below:

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