Rowdy Rebel Reacts To GS9 Affiliates Rasha and A-Rod’s Murder Convictions

The GS9 camp suffered a huge blow after two of its members were slapped with a combined 151 years in prison.

In May, Rashid Derissant, 24, was sentenced to 98 years in prison on charges of gang-related charges, including conspiracy, murder, attempted murder and assault.

Derissant is accused of shooting four people in a Brooklyn bodega in February 2013, one of which was fatal. The deceased victim was a 19-year-old rival gang member.

In July 2014, he shot a 22-year-old innocent bystander in the neck and hip.

Alex “A-Rod” Crandon was found guilty of murder in May and sentenced to 53 1/3 years in prison for conspiracy, murder, attempted murder and other charges.

Rowdy Rebel told XXL Mag during a recent interview he was hurt by Derissant and Crandon’s sentencing.

“Of course it hurt me but I gotta keep faith,” Rowdy said. “I keep telling them don’t think it’s over. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Try to get them back on appeal, because a lot of stuff that went on in the trial wasn’t right. They didn’t have enough evidence to convict him, so right now our lawyers are filing an appeal and I just hope my boys keep faith and don’t lose hope.”

XXL went on to question if Bobby Shmurda’s decision to name-drop Rasha and A-Rod in his “Hot N*gga” record backfired.

Rowdy replied, “We rap how everybody else raps. Not everything in a rap is true. Leo DiCaprio make movies, they be acting and you can’t believe everything you see or hear. Everything that’s coming to light now is assumptions and he say, she say. Rasha was basically convicted off a picture the D.A. painted in front of the jury. It took the jury a week to deliberate and get to the answer. They got the answer and it wasn’t the one we were looking for.”

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