Rowdy Rebel Reveals Advice Meek Mill Gave Him In Jail

Rowdy Rebel is fighting for his life as he faces charges of conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, attempted assault, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon.

Though Rowdy has an uphill battle, he is confident he’ll be exonerated of all of his charges. Rowdy says once he’s home he’s going to make sure he doesn’t go back.

Rowdy replays key advice he got from Meek Mill during his time at Manhattan Detention Center.

“Meek tell me all the time when I come home, keep my freedom like it’s $5 million,” Rowdy told XXL in a phone interview. “Don’t let nobody take your $5 million, cherish that $5 million. Do anything that’s possible to hide that $5 million from somebody trying to take it. So you gotta treat your freedom like that. I always take that to heart.”

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