SD Rises To The Challenge In ‘Life Of A Savage 4’ (Review)

SD is back to give fans more savage tales of Chiraq street life in his fourth installment of “Life Of a Savage.” This is SD’s latest project since the release of his debut album “Truly Blessed.” The GBE rapper is back in rare form as he goes back to his savage roots. The “Life of a Savage” series set the South Side Chicago rapper on a path to stardom.

SD was ready to get back to work on this project. This is evident as his intro track is only 14 seconds. SD’s “Newsflash” contains sound bytes of news anchors reporting on the violence plaguing the city of Chicago. SD raps, “Dreadful losses too anxious, I’m just getting to it/Money to make but got aim I’m what you life influence/Disrespect me, it’s ok no one will ever knew it.”

SD and Gino Marley reminisce on their days in the trap and field in “Remember.” SD and Gino Marley remember playing with automatics and flipping packs.

Gino opens this record, rapping, “Trap house out of control junkies break the door/And when the money come around don’t know who friends or foe/Guns in the attic but the money in the floor/Either you in or you out ain’t no revolving door.”

SD raps, “Money coming that mean your a-- could meet to burry you/Shooters all around that mean your a-- could get the worst of it/She want a ménage she just wanna get the best of me/B*tch I ain’t no sucka I can’t give this h-e no recipe.”

Flexing comes easy to SD. SD knows he got it on going on right now in his career. He’s going to stunt whether one likes it or not. He raps, “I feel so good I walk around and know I got it on my own/Flexing on em strong, g-d damn geronimo/I’m at the top just looking down I see these n-ggas trying to clone.”

SD attained the production talents of Drumma Boy for song “Blessed.” SD is on the up in his career. He has money, women and swagger. He raps, “SD the g-d don’t believe just go ask yo b-tch/Took all the money I be splurging, damn he can’t be rich/Well, your b-tch all on my d-ck she must just seen my clique/Cause I’m just blessed boy you know I got some guap in this b-tch.”

SD switches it up in track seven. “Excuses” are tools of the incompetent. This is a quality SD can’t stand in the opposite sex. Relationship struggles have been a consistent theme in SD’s music. This track is reminiscent of his previous record “Complaining.”

SD isn’t stopping any time soon. He makes this apparent with the release of “Life Of A Savage 4.” SD got guap now because he turned nothing into something. This is why he feels he’s on top of the world and can’t nothing stop him.

SD raps, “I got guap feel like I came up from a bum/I got money out this world and I’m top now/So it ain’t that much you can say/I’m different from the world and ain’t no stopping.”

SD says there’s no one seeing him. When he comes, they run like a “Track Star.”

He raps, “Run track star you got a movie coming up/It be the couple extra clips that leave yo a-- star struck/Come through paid in full watch you got us/Slippin on the clock don’t you be no breakfast/I see you tryna run, hope he bet not break a leg.”

Thugs and thugettes need love too. SD slows it down a tad bit in song “Smiles.” SD only wants to see his shorty smile. SD sounds as if he recorded this track with someone special in mind.

But SD gets back on his savage in song “I’m Over U” featuring Eric Collier. SD doesn’t have time for the drama. He’d much prefer to focus on his money. SD raps, “Baby, don’t think yo life cost more than it really do/She said money ain’t a thang but it make you do what I want you to/She mad cause money all I think, well b-tch I’m over you/I got h-es round the world, what makes you think I’m stuck on you.”

SD expressed gratitude to his family and supporters in “Thank You,” a Young Chop production. SD’s daughter and family motivate him to keep grinding. SD is working to make life easier for them. He raps, “Money got me moving, I got royalties/It’s different situations, it’s just more to me/I got loyalties, they just prepare for me/I’ma boss with my own soldiers, they just ready for heat.”

SD is a versatile artist. He can give fans hardcore trap music or he can tone it down with some smooth R&B-infused records. SD hasn’t lost it as far as his talents are concerned. He’s continuing to build upon what works and experiment with new flows and music genres. The term “savage” mustn’t fool listeners. SD is giving new meaning to the phrase. I was pleased to hear that this tape wasn’t all shoot em up, drill drill music. There’s more to SD than that. SD is progressing as an artist and this project is his testimony.

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