Shyne Slams ‘Game Of Thrones,’ Says Hip Hop Is Unfairly Targeted for Violence

The recent marketing of the “bloodshed” and “murders” in HBO’s fantasy drama ‘Game of Thrones’ didn’t sit too well with rapper Shyne.

A USA Today article described in vivid detail the gruesome nature of the series’ season finale in their article ‘HBO’s ‘Thrones’ Wraps Bloody Third Season,’ writing, “The bloodshed continued in ‘Game of Thrones’ third-season finale Sunday, but it was nothing as shocking as last week’s murders of Stark family members.”

“…amazing how no one complains about all this murder but blame rap for violence,” the “Gangland” rapper wrote.

It is no secret Hip Hop has taken the brunt of criticism since it founding for the supposed degradation of society due to its violent and profane lyrics. Many critics have blamed society’s ills on the music genre.

Violence is freely advertised in American society, especially media. But rarely do pundits point their fingers at various forms of film, literature and television.

Does the media unfairly target Hip Hop for violence? Sound off below.

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