Shyne Tells Kanye West To Rant About Chicago Murder Rate

Kanye West has been pretty vocal in the past few days after giving interviews to Sway In The Morning, Power 105’s The Breakfast and Hot 97.

West discussed a variety of topics, including his “Bound 2” music video featuring fiancé Kim Kardashian, “Yeezus” album, his shoe deal with Adidas and his fashion designer aspirations.

Rapper Shyne wants to Kanye to speak more on the murder rate crippling the urban communities in Chicago. He additionally asked West to take President Obama to task on the subject.

“@kanyewest it’s time for a rant about the murder rate in chiraq How @BarackObama is the real jack a-- For saying nothing & doing nothing,” he wrote.

Kanye briefly touched on Chicago’s murder epidemic during his interview with Breakfast Club.

“…I’m from Chicago, people is dying everyday and everybody think we’re going to do a benefit concert and help that out, but I need to be put in a position to apply my thoughts,” he said.

“Before I came in the game, rappers was killing each other,” West continued. “You ain’t even heard about that no more. First time, rappers rapped on a song with each other on a god level, all of them, was “Swagger Like Us.” After that, all the songs is like swagger. The thing is we not each other’s enemies. It’s showing us how we can work together.”

Kanye West previously touched on Chicago’s tragic circumstances in song “Murder To Excellence,” rapping, “Is it genocide?/ Cause I can still hear his mama cry/Know the family traumatized/Shots left holes in his face about piranha-sized/The old pastor closed the cold casket/And said the church ain’t got enough room for all the tombs/It’s a war going on outside we ain’t safe from I feel the pain in my city wherever I go/314 soldiers died in Iraq, 509 died in Chicago.”

Shyne has long been critical of Obama’s silent stance on the city he once was a community organizer for.

Shyne said in an interview with Vlad TV the murder rate in the Windy City is “disheartening” and breaks his heart.

The “Gangland” rapper is calling on Barack Obama to do more to address the senseless slaughter occurring in Chicago.

“I think the President of the United States could be doing far more to address the issue,” he said. “He can be more verbal about it. He can give a greater effort. Obviously, I don’t believe he’s a magician or he’s some type of Houdini and he can wave a magic wand and make that problem go away. But the same way they declared a war on drugs, they need to declare a war on poverty, they need to declare a war on genocide in these inner cities.”

Shyne says Obama is familiar with the problems of Chicago, mentioning the president’s work as a community organizer.

“it’s so ironic that Barack Hussein Obama got his start as a community organizer in the South Side of Chicago,” he said. “That’s what he does. He was working with those kids in that community that’s destroying itself. This is not grown men killing each other. You’re talking about 15 year olds that’s popping people’s heads off. That’s a problem! That’s equivalent to Sandy Newton. These are innocent kids for whatever reason don’t value lives and are killing themselves.”

Shyne says despite benefitting from Civil Rights leaders, Obama has done nothing.

“There are people who fought for that. Martin Luther King got murked for that,” he said. “There are people that got thrown in jail for that. People suffered for that. I don’t see Obama doing that.”

The “King of NYS” later wrote down his disgruntles against the Commander-In-Chief in a series of tweets.

“Dear ‪@BarackObama there has to be something the former US senator from Chicago can do for his former constituents! The genocide must stop

“Dear ‪@BarackObama u must declare a state of emergency in Chicago! One of those bodies could’ve been you as a teenager! U now have the power,” he wrote.

Shyne believes Obama, who has close ties to Chicago as a former Senator, should have a strong passion to fix the social inequalities gripping the city.

“My comrades in Chiraq need opportunity! They need education & hope! ‪@barackobama declare a war on poverty! Declare a war on lackof education

“Dear ‪@barackobama u were the US senator from Chicago! This is your responsibility! Don’t turn your back on the people who made u!,” he wrote.

Will Obama address Chicago and other urban cities’ tragic murder rates?

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